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25. Recently in the Seattle area from Arizona. A mixture of things I write, things I make, and things I do. Jack of no trades, master of aspiring to do them all.

I like Supernatural and Game of Thrones, social justice things, feminism, dog behavior, and video games.

This is Kim, and this is my beep.
How To Train Your Dinosaur

You’re stronger than you know.

Unfortunately, the show is wrong, on both counts. Changing a scene from consensual sex to rape is not just a pedantic issue of accuracy—it’s a problem with story. The Daenerys Targaryen who falls in love with a man who granted her respect when no one else would is different from the Daenerys Targaryen who fell in love with her rapist. It changes that relationship. (Dany falling in love with Drogo, and calling him her “sun and stars,” makes a whole lot more sense now, doesn’t it?)

Similarly, Jaime is a figure of chivalric love in the books—despite his arrogance and ruthlessness, his devotion and sense of duty to Cersei, the only woman he has ever loved, is so fervent as to border on adoration. Admittedly, the show can’t rely on his point-of-view chapters, as the book does, to communicate that love. But given what we have seen Cersei Lannister capable of—her ex-husband is hardly the only man she’s had killed—is it even conceivable that she would stand for it? Jaime raping Cersei is a major anomaly for these two characters—even based purely on what we’ve seen in the show. It’s just not something that either character would do.


#stop petyr baelish from getting any closer to sansa 2014

Purple #twitch hoodie yaaaaa. So soft.

Yoshi’s watching SVU with me in one of our makeshift beds from a few days ago. So spoiled. #yoshi

And I pierced my nose again. Musta been feeling 18 again or something.

Geeked out.


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Right in the feels!

It’s actually a good thing. Because saying that I’m not part of this makes me both quietly furious and justifies my feelings of alienation - which Is what I need. I don’t need to be part of your “they.”

Trying to for so long has been exhausting and I’m glad I no longer feel the need to try.

Helping us clean the garage yesterday. So helpful. #yoshi

I was starving and I knew I wouldn’t find anything before I starved to death, so I wanted to jump off a building and Danny told me not to and then we went to Cherno and I was going to run to a place where I knew there might be food but Danny said there was a place that wasn’t looted and I went there instead and then I passed out and died and he found food where I would have gone had I just LISTENED TO MYSELF.


But love doesn’t make sense. You can’t logic your way into or out of it. Love is totally nonsensical. But we have to keep doing it, or else we’re lost and love is dead and humanity should just pack it in. Because love is the best thing we do.
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