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25. Recently in the Seattle area from Arizona. A mixture of things I write, things I make, and things I do. Jack of no trades, master of aspiring to do them all.

I like Supernatural and Game of Thrones, social justice things, feminism, dog behavior, and video games.

This is Kim, and this is my beep.
How To Train Your Dinosaur

Today I turned 26 and in six hours we’ll start to find out how much our life is going to change. It’s been a really long road to see this game off and I’m so proud of him - I’m proud of us.

it’s an hour into my birthday. there are small catastrophes in every minute, i guess.

happy birthday to me. it can only go up from here.

This is what happens every time I water the backyard. She used to catch water off the roof when she was a puppy too. So silly. #yoshi

Trying to #pilates, this dog won’t get out of my way. Jeeeez. #yoshi




this guy is too stupid it entertains me

we found the world’s most punchable face.

oh dear

This guy … is wearing a Binding of Isaac shirt.



Tells you something, doesn’t it??

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i bet if she were lady stoneboob she would have been in the finale

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Yoshi is spending the night in a vet hospital. She stopped eating last weekend and I thought it was one of her little finicky spells, especially since it was hot, but then she vomited up grass. We went to the vet on Tuesday, they gave her fluids and anti-nausea medicine subcutaneously, and took blood and I gave them a fecal sample (she also had diarrhea).  She barely ate any boiled chicken, and on Wednesday we did X-rays to try and rule out blockage. There was nothing, but it took until today to get the X-ray results back. They gave us more meds, but she was still lethargic and not eating today and with the holiday coming up, our regular vet recommended we take her to the emergency vet for an ultrasound and possibly more aggressive care, since we had been treating her at home and nothing was working.

Nothing wrong with her kidneys or liver on the ultrasound (she does have an elevated enzyme in her liver so we’re waiting for further results on that), but they called it “severe gastroenteritis,” so that’s good (in terms that we know what it is and it’s not something that needs to be operated on). They’re keeping her for more aggressive treatment, to give her fluids and make sure they can get her to eat. 

So she’s fine, but it’s been a stressful week and I know that we did everything right by getting into the vet right away and following their instructions but I still feel so guilty. We don’t know what caused it, I know she didn’t get into any trash our house. Our yard is huge though and there are some parts we can’t even get to so something definitely could have died out there, and we went to the big dog park twice last week too since the weather was nice and maybe something happened there or when we were walking … I don’t know. 

Anyway, she’s going to be fine. I still cried like a baby though when we left. She’s there for 24 hours, so unless something goes wrong, she will be home tomorrow. They’ll call us tomorrow morning and tomorrow afternoon with updates and we can call anytime if we want to see how she’s doing.

Here are the X-rays! In case anyone was curious. I’m hoping we can get either the ultrasound video or some pictures too.

Hi Tumblr, it’s been awhile, I need a word dump, I’m sorry, I will try to be back.

I’ve been trying to stream more on Twitch and I finally worked up the courage to turn on my camera. It’s scary because A) i’m a girl playing a video game and B) i’m a fat girl playing a video game. 

So far I’ve only gotten a few comments that were unnecessary, though I know my mods caught more that I didn’t see. I’ve had a lot of thoughts recently concerning being a fat girl in a gaming industry that is already cruel enough to its women. 

It feels like I’m adding just another qualifier, another “ok, so you’re a girl, let’s just talk about sexism” whereas I feel there’s a difference between being a traditionally attractive women in games and being a fat girl who plays games. There are so many stereotypes and none of them are good. I don’t want to create more layers, but I strongly feel that though we are now talking about sexism in games and nerd culture, we aren’t going far enough to include fat women and women of color, something that I am both. 

Which brings me back to streaming. I was brainstorming an article earlier and ran across an article written by one of my Twitter friends and I mentioned it to her. We had a nice conversation that led to talking about visibility and how it’s hard enough to be a fat lady in the world, but it can be even difficult, in some respect, to be a fat lady who isn’t ashamed of herself. 

I have come a long way to accept myself and I’m not afraid I’m going to slide back into dislking myself - lately, I have felt uncomfortable with myself, but that is mainly for health reasons and getting braces, which I think most people would take awhile to accept on their face, and anyway, i’m doing pilates and going out with yoshi more, which has helped with these feelings - because of internet comments, though I know that they wear you down and if that happens, it happens. 

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I want to be visible. I want to make that journey that others haven’t made yet, from being a fat person hating yourself to a fat person loving yourself, a little easier. And the safest way for me - because I still am acutely anxious around people IRL - for me to do that is on the internet, because I can control my surroundings. And the way that I know how to do that, at least for now, is to play video games. 

I don’t want to make this a career or anything, because jesus christ, I know people who do and I have nothing but utmost respect for them because for all my talk, I can still only stand people for so long, but it’s something I want to try and do on a semi regular basis. I don’t know if it will help anyone, or if it will leave any impact, but I want to try. 

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Arya and Sansa Stark: parallels

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Cone cuddles. My poor girl. #yoshi #coneofshame #allergies #viciousallergies